Call for action: List Satellites we need decoders and dashboards for

Hey all!

I am trying to list all satellites we are having (in SatNOGS terms) “demodulators” for so we can add a decoder struct for them. Please add your favourite satellites below this post or simply add an issue in the issue tracker of satnogs-decoders! Same for dashboards! Remember: there are also satellites that get data from external tools, like Mike (@DK3WN) Rupprecht’s telemetry forwarder or Dani (@EA4GPZ) Estevez’ gr-satellites - you are welcome to add a request for these satellites also!

You can find the issue trackers here:

Provide links to data structure descriptions if possible!
Any help with this really appreciated!

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You can also have a look at the statistics page to see which satellites actually have data in our DB: