Calculate TLE IO-86 (Norad ID:40931)

Dear all,

Can someone help to calculate / corrected TLE for LAPAN-A2 (IO-86)?
Thank you

We need stations around the equator that for example record observations with the help of STRF that will provide the information to calculate TLE.

dear Mr Jan, thank you for your response.
I will try to use STRF for observations.

It looks like that we have some recent good observations in Network, so we can also try to extract from them some points.

I’ve scheduled a couple more for the next two days to have more data to use.

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By @PE0SAT here is an updated TLE set for now:

1 40931U          24006.28856983  .00000000  00000-0  84248-4 0    01
2 40931   6.0004  78.2205 0013541 291.8204  73.4836 14.77555377    05
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