Building V3.1 using the arduino and cnc

I am trying to get the stepper motor to run the firmware loaded fine into the arduino. The first issue is when I start up my laptop the motors start running and then stop. The next thing is when I go to gperdict and engage the atrium all I get ithe thread is started, nothing else. Can someone help in these matters. I only have the elevation side built. also have anyone using the Raspberry Pi with the rotor,.using the USB to control the arduino.

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I’m completely new to this group and admittedly haven’t much on offer. Having said that, what you described brings back a memory of odd stepper behaviours triggered by computer startups et al I had, a few years back.

Steppers are notoriously noisy devices and by noisy, I mean Electromagnetic noise. I got lots of this sort of odd behaviour until such time as I put as much distance between my motor and computer as possible. At least separate them by a meter (3 feet) or more and see if you get any improvement.


That is normal, because each axis search for endstop to find the zero (or home) position. If it doesn’t find then it stops everything and only the communication works. It seems that is the same error with this, UNO/CNC Rotator - Motors Don't Turn. You can check the end stop pins either it is connected to correct pins in CNC shield or pins are defined correctly in firmware. :rocket:

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