Building V3.0 - a LOT of questions

Guys and Gals,

I have been struggling for about a month now trying to get the V3.0 (stepper motors) built up. I can get most of the hardware built up with minimal questions. But I have a lot of questions for the electronics that controls the Az/El motors and feedback loops.

  1. Where does the electronics box reside - inside V3 or outside???
  2. What voltage is required for the power supply to operate the ENTIRE system?
  3. How do you align the system - is it done one time when initially installed or every time the system boots up?
  4. More questions to follow up after these questions are answered.

In the same boat as herbsims,

I would also like to add another question:
Would the raspberry pi stepper motor hat work instead of the arduino pro mini + pcb plus two drivers?

If so how do you modify the observer/rotctld code ?

Thank you !

  • Andrew