Building a NORBI decoder - yamllint problem

I’ve built a decoder for NORBI by combining the ax25frames.ksy with @K4KDR norbi.ksy file. The file works as expected in Kaitai Web IDE with numerous observations downloaded from SatNOGS.

I’ve forked the satnogs-decoders and followed all the instructions. When I upload my norbi.ksy file, it fails the static test in the pipeline. (The other tests pass.) Yamllint complains about multiple lines having 1 extra space. When I fix the offending lines, yamllint finds additional lines with 1 extra space. Fixing those will sometime cause the compile to fail (and the .ksy doesn’t work in the IDE).

It appears yamllint wants one space for each indent level. However, many of the ksy files use 2 spaces (as did my original file.) Several online yaml checkers find no issues with my file.

What am I missing? Shouldn’t yamllint treat these as warnings and thus allow the test to pass? My repository can be found at


What compile error do you get when you fix all the space issues?

My wild guess, do you use any tab as space, sometimes is difficult to say if it is a space or a tab.

After much effort I finally got the ksy file to submit w/o any errors. In yamllint, I was getting numerous Type and Expected Block End errors on each pass until yamllint was happy. Then the compile errors started, usually after the ssid_mask. I believe the issue was the alignment of the instances, ssid, and value keys. Oddly this was all after yamllint was happy.

I’ll be submitting the merge request sometime soon.

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Please excuse what may be a newbie question. Following the document in, I entered the following command on my Raspberry Pi4 system:

`$ ./contrib/

It downloaded and extracted the images and then returned the following error:
WARNING: The requested image’s platform (linux/amd64) does not match the detected host platform (linux/arm/v7) and no specific platform was requested
standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error

Any suggestions on what should I do next? Thanks.

Are you trying this on a RPi?

Yes I was attempting this on a RPi 4. Is it possible run by making a change to the file?

No, there is no image for RPi.