Bugsat-1 is not there

Why doesn’t bugsat-1 appear in Gpredict? In SatNogs yes, but in Gpredict no, how can I solve it?
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What TLE are you using?

BUGSAT-1 can also be found under the name TITA and has object id 40014.

It for example part of https://celestrak.org/NORAD/elements/satnogs.txt

The satellite appears in the tle that are in the link but the gpredict does not show it to me. I recently updated it again, very rare.

solved it was marked load tle file and it did not read the internet

It would be very good if the gpredict shows when new sats are downloaded, it shows what they were.

Open an issue at GitHub - csete/gpredict: Gpredict satellite tracking application

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