BUD Industries NBF-32x22 box

Continuing the discussion from ABB box orders here:

We purchased a NBF-32222 box from Bud via Amazon for about $35. Its outside dimensions are:
13.78in [350mm]
9.84in [250mm]
5.90 [150mm]

There are several models with opaque/clear doors and indoor/outdoor type plastics, so boxes with the same dimensions are part number NBF-32x22 with x = [0…4].

When we have parts mounted in the box, we’ll report back with how it went and what changes were needed. Thanks @zscheve for tracking these down!

I wonder why they advertise the clear lid model as “indoor” with the opaque lid advertised as “outdoor”, while both are labeled as IP66…

It looks like the distinction is the use of ABS or PBT plastic in the box, both “indoor” and “outdoor” models have a clear lid option. Because the v2 box has the plates bolted to the lid and bottom, it seems a shame to not be able to see the internals when in operation under load. :smile:


The whole IP66 thing is a little funny given that there will be at least 3 holes cut out of the box…

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