BoscoverySat rotators from Tenerife

Well, here we are, we have started to build the rotators here at Tenerife.
We have all the pieces for the first rotator and we have a basic LNA design that we want to try.
We are going to try to use BeagleBone Black and Raspberries as controllers.
If we have enough time we are going to try to document everything.

There are a couple of photos of the process.

See you :wink:


Hey @goyoregalado ! Fantastic work so far! Any progress? Let us know how we can be of help.

I am not a fluent Spanish speaker, but it seems that Televisión Canaria news has aired a segment ( :tv: :es: ) over @goyoregalado’s and his friends and students work on building SatNOGS
Keep on rocking guys :smile:

Hi all, sorry for the delay but I’ve been on holidays a couple of days.
We are working on it but we experienced little problems with the alignment of the axis so we have a lot of friction, may be this week we could solve this.

On the other hand we are redesigning the motor controller to make an Arduino Uno compatible shield because there is difficult to get the version of Arduino board that you are using, so we have wired an Arduino Uno to the board and it should work but is a little messy.

One of my colleagues is building up the antenas but he is trying to build the helical one drilling the pipes, we will let you know our progress.

We will try to document the experience in english to share it with you and we have mentioned the satnogs project in all interviews. There are a couple of maker groups that show interest in Satnogs community.

Our next milestone is at November because we are going to present a model of a DIY cubesat in the Canarian Science Fair. It’s not going to be an aerospatial grade cubesat because of funding but we are trying to build one that works in a fairly real way.

Once again sorry for the delay of our responses. We will let you know periodically about the project.