Bobcat-1 badly identify as #46921

The wrong identification of the Bobcat-1 as satellite #48921 by Gpredict , while satNOGS knows it as #48922, produce completely bad pass-prediction : wrong timings and bad orbit paths.

Can someone from Gpredict explains this discrepency… and correct the Id-number of the Bobcat-1 so their pass predictions can be usable.

I wonder why this Id error war not catch before… I noticed last autumn (2020) that there was some slight differences seen in the minutes of the Bobcat-1 prediction by Dpredict and satNOGS, but I did not look around more closely.
By luck, I checked few days ago and found the difference was in the range of 1 hour!!!
And it is just now that I observed the Satellite-Identification-Number discrepency.

Thanks for any clarification of that case.

(va2em, satnogs-station #1486)

It sounds like you manually added TLE for BOBCAT-1 and Gpredict keeps the name that it founds on the first TLE for each NORAD ID. What satellite do you get for 46922 in Gpredict?

To fix that, go to the system folder that Gpredict keep its data (in linux ~/.config/Gpredict/satdata) and remove the file with name 46921. Then open Gpredict and sync TLE from network.

Thanks Fredy,

Your ‘simple’ recipe indeed cure the ID problem of the Bobcat-1 in that Gpredict running on an RPi, independent of the ones running my satNOGS stations.

Since I found that the SPOC was identified to #46922, I also erase that entry and after updating the TLE from the network, as I always do, both the Bobcat-1 and the SPOC got their ‘real’ Id-# back.

I really do not know how this error occurred in the first place, since I’m not that ‘competent’ to manipulate the Gpredict satellite infos, and did not know it could be done.
I always go by what the program menus offer (in graphic mode for non-satNOGS RPi).

It seems that the Gpredict Id’s of the Bobcat-1 and the SPOC were cross-mixted at some point last autumn, but it’s still mystery form me.

Thanks for your always very helpful answer.