BladeRF 2.0 users around?

Hi all,

are there any other BladeRF 2.0 users around ?

Running in a huge amount of issues with it so I’d appreciate exchanging about those and potential workarounds.

Using it in SatNOGS was trivial and worked out of the box, but performance is frustrating.

The main issue it that it seems really noisy. Not only on reception, but just plugging it in over USB on a laptop running on battery within 1-2m from my S-Band station causes noise on the other station ! Not even needing to start RX or TX, just having it plugged in.

Same behavior when running the laptop on mains or powering the BladeRF 2.0 from a separate quality power supply or connected to a Pi4. So i can probably rule out the power supply from being the noise source.

Tested with multiple good quality 1m and 1.5m USB3 cables with ferrit beads on them. And it already emits RFI without any data running over it, so USB cable can probably also be ruled out as well.

Almost want to resell it as a jammer instead of a SDR receiver.