Best UHF satellites

I’m testing my UHF omnidirectional station before coming on line. It’s identical to my VHF station.
I don’t seem to be able to ‘see’ any UHF satellites or any waterfall.
I’m not familiar with the popular UHF satellites and the ones I’m used to don’t come up on the pass prediction list.

Can someone suggest 3 or 4 known working satellites for testing please.

I’m in Australia.
Thanks Bob VK2BYF


LUSAT has very strong continuous signal.
Other satellites are often emitting easy to identify data: STRAND-1, FIREBIRD-3, Reaktor Hello World.
You can also try the beacon of almost all XW-2 satellites which are strong too.



NO-84 PSK-31 transmitter is usually on and strong.

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Thanks N5FXH and K3RLD. I will try those suggested and we’ll see.