Beginner queries - Voice monitoring, Amateur Operations, Uplink

Hello everybody,
Am a beginner setting up satnogs ground station. I’ve been going through the literature existing.
I’ve below queries (Similar questions were raised earlier, but not exactly) -

  1. Is there any chance I can hear any human voices in audio files received through satellite? Are there any clear communications that can be perceived by us by monitoring any satellite?
  2. Has Amateur operator license got anything (general/restricted grade in India) to do with the ground station setup?
  3. Can I upload any data to any satellite (at least amateur radio) if I have a supporting HAM license, ie in terms of power and frequency of communication allowed as per certificate in India?

Few more queries, I do have but I do not want to push everything in a single mail to avoid clutter.

Thanks a lot, in advance

1: Try passes of SO-50, Eyesat, and Diwata-2. These are FM amateur radio satellites that you can usually hear some discussions on the recordings.

  1. Not in the US. I don’t think in most of Europe, either. There may be some countries where amateur license (or other license) is required. You’ll have to check Indian laws to know for sure.

  2. No. Amateur radio satellites have specific operating modes that are allow. For example, SO-50 is FM voice only. AO-7 is SSB voice or CW. AO-27 is FM voice or some digital voice modes, etc.


Thank you very much Roy, for the answers !