BCCSAT-1 Reception Request

Hello everyone,

I want to request help with receiving the BCCSAT-1.
The CubeSat was developed by high school students in Thailand and launched into orbit in March 2021.

Generally, after the satellite launch, the satellite transmits a beacon every 2 minutes (which means 4-5 beacons per 1 pass)
More than two years after launch, we suspect the satellite has some subsystem malfunction because we can receive only one beacon per pass.

We would like to have more information to investigate what happened with the satellite.

I really appreciate your help.


Hi Pao,

Welcome to Libre Space Community.

I listened in 35 passes of BCCSAT-1 over the last 14 month and fully decoded CW beacons 7 times, 3 times only partially.
As for the 4k8 FSK beacon which is sometimes on the left sometimes on the right side of the CW beacon, I had luck only twice.

You wrote that you can receive only one beacon per pass.
My observations lead me to the guess of even longer intervals than a pass’s duration.

I really like to help you with more information to investigate what happened with the satellite.
Unfortunately, the frequency BCCSAT-1 uses is not IARU coordinated.
If in this case the satellite groups “do not offer amateur communications opportunities” as well, “AMSAT encourages radio amateurs to decline to offer telemetry collection or other technical support”.

To ask about “amateur communications”, one year ago I sent an email to bccsat1@gmail.com but without any response so far.

Could you help us first by providing more information about amateur communications to be able to throw any concerns overboard and be free to help you in your investigation?

Daniel, dl7ndr


BCCSAT-1 Telemetry
Data I uploaded to SatNOGS DB

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