Baseline for Electronics Hardware

Dear all, there is a lot of uncertainty with the electronics and respective software to use, and documentation is non-present. I am updating them on the go. However we should clarify some base line decisions.

The OpenWRT was originally intentend to run rtlsdr and rotctl. However the version of rtl-sdr is still archaic old (2014) and there were some bugs reported (and fixed) years ago. A new problem is that on the later OpenWRT releases by default there is not enough space for hamlib and rtlsdr.

My question then: Do you currently use the OpenWRT for rtl-sdr at all anyway? All tasks can be easily performed by the Raspi/Odroid anyway.

Hey @planetsofa ! Thanks for helping updating and clarifying some of those. There are a lot of old references lying around that need cleanup indeed.

As of now OpenWRT is not intended to be part of the reference baseline setup. Rotctl and Rigctl are considered part of the client setup and should all run sufficiently (with gnuradio too) within a RPi3, that is the baseline right now.

I hope this clarifies things. Would love some help on bringing the documentation on the wiki (and on the website) up to speed, if you are interested. Thanks!