Back on satnog..but rx doesnt run well

i return on satnog with raspi 4 and nooEleccom sdr key (i try with pluto without succes), but i notice that my rx dont run
my antenna is helix 8 elements in uhf. I dont remember function how send setup on forum to ask help.
all ideas are welcome.

73 Eric

Looks like terrible local noise. Can you run GQRX and look for the source of the noise?


Post a picture of your SatNOGS configuration file as it looks like the gains are turn up way to much.


no, just i installed on same sd card, but i cant connect in remote .;i make test how run in remote.;seems dont find on my lan the;
just i saw i must install with sudo apt-get install soapyremote-server before, i forgot

73 Eric


here Karl

73 Eric

this gqrx , frequency is clear