Automatic Pass Scheduling

I’m rather interested in collecting the NOAA images from my station. Is there a way to tell Satnogs to schedule for the NOAA 19 pass each time its available on my station. Just saves having to schedule the next 6 or 9 observations every 2 or 3 days across NOAA 19, 18 and I think its 15

Many Thanks!

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There is an autoscheduler add-in that is available on the gitlab repository. It involves using the older login credentials, so I think some newer SatNogs users will require special help from the admins to get it up and running.


I did find that python code, but it seemed to be out of date for login credentials. That explains it then.

Anyone any idea when we can auto-schedule using the API then for us newer station owners?

pretty soon since there is already a Merge Request that we need to test more and release a new version.

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Fantastic news! Looking forward to it as I’m really enjoying receiving the NOAA images.