Automatic .ogg download

Dear community,
is there any way to automatically:

  1. Query satnogs db to get all observations for a specific satellite and specific station, from date x do date y (possibly only “good” vetting)
  2. automatically download all the ogg files of the previous query?

I’ve found something similar here: but it seems can’t download ogg files :frowning:

Any suggestion would be appreciated
Thanks in advance


I designed a script in order to decode NOAA image with wxtoimg.
You can read my code at

This code code was initially designed form my purpose only. It is simple but efficient.

Thank you for your code!
I’ve just tried to run it, but I get this error:

[IMPORT ERROR] ./ : No module named ‘libs.Constants’

I’m running it on Ubuntu 16.04

I extrapolated the part of code which I need for my purposes. It’s all OK :wink: