Auto sat tracker

I found the site and want to build the controller.
My problem is the software.
I keep getting errors in adruino ide for which I still have no solution.
the complete hardware is complete with pcb, the only thing missing is the software.
who can help me to run the software?
here is the link to the software

Welcome to the forum @olli !

The error messages are usually key to finding out what needs to be done. Could you copy the error messages and paste them here?

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hir starts the trouble
Compilation error: ‘OPERATION_MODE_NDOF’ is not a member of ‘Adafruit_BNO055’

I need help
none of you have an idea?

Which errors? I think I may be able to figure it out… did you google it?

Please paste the entire error message, as sometimes it’s not the first line but somewhere in the middle there is an error.

I already asked google
but no solution found
‘OPERATION MODE_NDOF’ is not a member of ‘Adafruit_BNO055’
there is nothing more
No idea what it is
Have you run the file through arduino ide?

i found the problem it is the esp_pm lib
Apparently they only exist for an esp 32 and not for an esp 8266
or does any of you know if there is one