ARISS Contact - West Ferris Intermediate Secondary School, North Bay, Ontario, Canada, telebridge via ON4ISS

The contact is scheduled with Astronaut Koichi Wakata, amateur radio call sign KI5TMN.

Start time is Monday 2022-11-28 15:58 UTC

Downlink frequency is 145.800 MHz.

School information:

West Ferris Intermediate Secondary School is a grade 7 - 12 English Public School located in North Bay, Ontario. Our school of about 1100 students serves the south end of North Bay as well as several rural communities in the Nipissing District. The school offers innovative and diverse programming including French immersion, competitive athletic teams, and fine arts. West Ferris students at the intermediate level are supported in an innovative science program where problem solving and technological innovation is at the fore-front. Dubbed the “Gateway to the North”, North Bay is a city of about 55,000 located about 350 kilometers north of Toronto on the shores of Lake Nipissing.

information via ON4ISS and ARISS News Release 22-63

Click for student questions
  1. Kaua (Grade 7/8): Do you feel any changes when you return to Earth?
  2. Carissa (Grade 7/8): What do you do during your free time?
  3. Silvianna (Grade 8): What is your favorite and least favorite food in space?
  4. Taydem (Grade 8): How long did it take to get into space?
  5. Mason (Grade 8): Why did you decide to become an astronaut?
  6. Miishi (Grade 8): What does your sleep schedule look like?
  7. Trisanna (Grade 8): How much food do you consume a day?
  8. Jazlynn (Grade 8): How do you clean the station?
  9. Evan (Grade 8): Is it difficult to contact your family while there?
  10. Simon (Grade 8): When first entering space, do you feel any differences inside your body? For instance, your organs moving?
  11. Will (Grade 8): What is the coolest thing you have seen while on station?
  12. Trystan (Grade 8): Are space suits uncomfortable?
  13. Darshil (Grade 8): How long have you been an astronaut?
  14. Wilson (Grade 8): How do you keep your bones from getting weaker in space and how do you restrengthen them after returning?
  15. Kaylie (Grade 8): Once in space, how long do you have to be there for?
  16. Jaiden (Grade 8): Has there been anything that you weren’t prepared for that you thought you were?
  17. Emma (Grade 8): How do you deal with an illness in space and having no medication to help the person who is ill?
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Lots of stations in this footprint since the pass is over Europe. I scheduled on a handful of stations, but the more the merrier to capture the downlink for this event!

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