ARISS Contact - Five Bridges Junior High School, Stillwater Lake, NS, Canada, telebridge via IK1SLD

The contact is scheduled with crewmember Josh Cassada KI5CRH, using ISS callsign OR4ISS

Start time is Wednesday 2022-11-23 16:52:06 UTC

Downlink signals should be audible above much of Europe as the ISS passes above the telebridge station IK1SLD on downlink frequency 145.800 MHz.

School Information:

A big hello from Five Bridge Junior High School! Home of the Firebirds! We are a rural school located in the community of Hubley, located just outside Halifax, the Provincial Capital city of Nova Scotia, Canada. Everyone at the school is buzzing about our upcoming contact. It was very exciting to watch your Crew 5 launch from Kennedy Space Center on October 5. Thank you so much for making time to connect with our school!
Leading up to our ARISS contact teachers and students are taking time to explore many topics related to space. Some examples are: exploration of art that has inspired astronauts, contructing models of planets within our solar system, attending presentations from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, testing and growing of tomato seeds that have previously flown on the ISS, examining black holes and the origins of the universe. In some math classes they are decoding a hidden message in Binary, they learn how a computer works, how 1 and 0 are the only things the machine understands, and how fast it can do things compared to humans. At the end they write their names in binary, learning about how networks work, transversable and how they can be distinguished. In French language classes, students are reading the Moon landing article in the newest edition of What in the world. Students will be discussing past lunar landings, the Artemis program as well as the Gateway program and the role that Canada will play in it as well as ideas around controlling access to the moon’s resources. While our ARISS contact will be short, it is offering a lot of excitement and inspiration to the students and staff. We wish both you and your fellow crew memmbers the best of luck and much success. GO FIREBIRDS!!

information via ON4ISS and ARISS News Release 22-61

Click for the student questions
  1. Sam (grade 6): Why did you choose to be an astronaut?
  2. Teeias (grade 7): What was the best or most interesting part of your training to become an astronaut?
  3. Haydn (grade 9): What is it like to go through the atmosphere and into space at high speeds for extended periods of time?
  4. Blake (grade 7): Does everyone rest at the same time or do you work in shifts?
  5. Eli (grade 8): What is a day like for you on the ISS?
  6. Marley (grade 8): What do you hope to achieve with your experiments during your mission?
  7. Luc (grade 6): How will the use of robotics help Astronauts in the future?
  8. Rilee (grade 6): What are your hobbies and how do you pursue them on the ISS?
  9. Lily (grade 7): What are problems that you have to anticipate/prepare for in space that you would not have to on Earth?
  10. Eris (grade 8): What are some common misconceptions about astronauts?
  11. Rie (grade 9): How do you celebrate all the diverse nationalities, beliefs and religions while on board the ISS?
  12. Naomi (grade 9): When the ISS is retired from service in 2030 what will replace it in low earth orbit?
  13. Marley (grade 8): What kinds of equipment and materials had to come along for your specific mission?
  14. Eris (grade 8): If you weren’t an astronaut what job would you have pursued and why?
  15. Naomi (grade 9): If there was one thing you wanted young people to know about Space and/or Aerospace Programs, what would it be?
  16. Blake (grade 7): How would the effects of increased radiation from the sun affect life on the ISS?
  17. Rory (grade 9): For students who are interested in Aerospace, what fields of science or skills do you recommend they explore?
  18. Logan (grade 9): How noisy is it in the ISS?

Livestream locations:

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