ARISS Contact - British School in the Netherlands (Junior School Leidschenveen), The Hague, The Netherlands, direct via PE1RXJ

The scheduled crewmember is Josh Cassada KI5CRH, using ISS callsign OR4ISS.

Start time is Thursday 2022-12-08 11:09:54 UTC

Downlink frequency is 145.800 MHz.

Livestream at, starting time 10:45 UTC

information via ON4ISS and ARISS News Release 22-64

School information:

The British School in the Netherlands (Junior School, Leidschenveen Campus) is an international primary school located in the Netherlands. We follow the English curriculum adapting it to match the needs of our international community. The student body is aged between 4 and 11 who are from 43 different nationalities around the world. Many of the children are multilingual using English as their communicating language in school.

Our adventure has already begun, we are currently building up to our whole school STEM event ‘JSL in SPACE’ and our opportunity to ask the astronauts living in the International Space Station questions. We are encouraging the children to use SPACE as the learning vehicle for the whole curriculum during this time. As part of this we are designing t-shirts, creating rockets as part of a whole school competition, working together across year groups on space related projects, along with learning about how radio communications work. We have guest speakers from our parent body, who have links with ESA, Delft University and from other organisations, coming into talk to the children on topics about space rubbish to a topic on Jules Verne a science fiction writer.

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Students First Names & Questions:

  1. Carson (4 years): Why do you need a helmet?
  2. Liam (4 years): What is the moon made of?
  3. Florine (4 years): In space, is there a toilet and can you use a telephone?
  4. Jamie (5 years): Is there weather in space?
  5. Alp (5 years): Is it relaxing in space?
  6. Kofi (6 years): If this planet is destroyed can we set up on other planets?
  7. Ashna (6 years): What would you do if one of the astronauts were sick or injured?
  8. Aylin (6 years): Are you happy to live in the space station?
  9. Isabella (8 years): What inspired you to be an astronaut?
  10. David (8 years): What did you feel when you found out that you were going to space?
  11. Beatriz (9 years): Have you ever seen a volcano explode from space, and how was it?
  12. Cyrus (8 years): What happens if the oxygen runs out?
  13. Thanos (9 years): How well do plants grow in space?
  14. Seungjae (9 years): How often do you do space walks?
  15. Hanson (10 years): What is the strangest thing you have ever said to mission control?
  16. Evaan (10 years): Why does the sun shine on earth but not the rest of space?