Argentine comercial pocketqube in Hamradio band


Looking at the ITU frequency table shows the commercial satellite MDQUBESAT in the uhf amateur radio band. The frequencies are as follows:

From what I understand the satellite has a commercial purpose and no use in the amateur radio band. As far as is not listed in the IARU satellite coordination order table. If anyone knows how to protest this usurpation to the ITU, it is time to act.


Gustavo, LW2DTZ

Hello @LW2DTZ

I checked the ITU API/A for MDQUBESAT and it seems like the Argentinian authorities have filed this for “Amateur-Satellite Service”

There are two considerations here:

  1. If if this indeed a radio-amateur service then it needs to be coordinated with IARU as you correctly point out. To that end I have notified the satcoord panel of IARU.
  2. If this is NOT a radio-amateur service/satellite then the Argentinian authorities have misclassified this (either accidentally or on purpose). Either way this needs to be addressed with them. Do you have contacts with your local AMSAT or Radio Amateur Society?

Indeed looking into their website and all the available information I cannot find anything radio-amateur related for that mission, and it seems to be a for-profit IOT-in-space venture.


As you saw on your page, radio amateurs are never named. I contacted the representatives of the local radio amateurs society and they informed me that they had no idea of the assignment of those frequencies. The satellite has a clear commercial purpose and has been financing as such, so that at least it uses an experimental frequency. It is disguised as a school work for use the frequencies for an inappropriate purpose commercial use.


Today I had the opportunity to speak with an authority from Argentina’s national communications agency on this issue.

I will not delay in the explanation, but I can suggest to anyone who wants to launch a satellite not to bother to make papers with the IARU and the coordinators since they are a waste of time, (I say it sadly).

The only thing that matters is what is declared to the government agency, the IARU does not cut or puncture.



Please expand as much as possible. Can you get your national agency to put those in writing?

I hope to send a formal note to ENACOM next Monday, but due to the fact that the offices are restricted by the covid, this will be delayed. I sent a complaint to the ITU authorities of the space service Veronique Glaude and Alexandre Vallet since I believe that the instance in Argentina is "cloudy " and will not $olve anything, (I hope you understand me).
On the other hand, the Radio Club Argentino , LU4AA, issued a letter of protest to the IARU and notified its authorities.
Worst of all, the person responsible for all this is a radio amateur that should protect our bands.



It looks like that they are going to transmit on radio amateur frequencies according to this tweet:

Unfortunately it seems that it will. The formal complaints were dismissed along with the inaction of the institutions that should ensure proper use. I think the legal lack of protection that our amateur bands have, especially the UHF satellite segment, is alarming.