Arduin Pro-Mini

If I look here the product is retired.

Is there a tested replacement??


I get mine from eBay and they still sell them there. They are of course clones and not genuine arduino products but to be honest I don’t even know which arduino company is the right one any more :wink:

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Arduino pro-mini 328 16MHz/5V, as i know, isn’t retired and you can also buy from sparkfun :beers: .


Then there MUST be something with my eyes. is i look at the Arduino website , following the link in the first message, in the top right corner of the webpage is says RETIRED

You can still get them, and probably will for a while to come yet. Just not branded ones I guess

Hey, you are correct, but as you can read here:
“The Arduino Pro Mini was designed and is manufactured by SparkFun Electronics.”

And if you take a look in sparkfun nowhere said that arduino pro mini 328p 16MHz/5V is a retired product. :slight_smile:

You can get them from Amazon. I just got a set of five.

I’ve bought some clones from AliExpress for less than 1.50€ each. They work great. Just search for “Pro Mini 328p”

And no software change nessesary??

Yes. They are identical. The Sparkfun Pro Mini is open hardware, you can see its Eagle design files on github at