APRS via Vertical 2M Antenna

Just how likely is it I might make APRS contacts with ISS and satellites using my Kenwood TM-D710 and roof-mounted Comet X-50 vertical 2m/70cm antenna? No option to change that antenna, so such suggestion will be less helpful :wink:


My S gate hasn’t received any APRS traffic from the ISS for quite a while. There was a suggestion that the transceiver may have been switched to be a split band repeater. Not sure so ask more questions.
the antenna should work for some not too high passes around 30 degrees.

The 145.825MHz APRS transmitter on ISS has been down for months. Voice is very active now, V/U bands but may be down for a docking or EVA.

I am no expert but have spent a lot of time listening and several times transmitted on via the LEO APRS stations. The ISS when it was up was very strong and I could hear the 145.825 on various vertical antennas but it required my helical to actually make a contact.

See the status page at Current Status of ISS Stations - ARISS

  • IORS (Kenwood D710GA) – STATUS - Configured. Supporting cross band repeater (145.990 MHz up {PL 67} & 437.800 MHz down) . Next planned mode change is to packet operation (145.825 MHz up & down) targeting early December.​​
    • Power down for COL experiment on Nov 24, Progress docking Nov 25 and 6R module docking on Nov 26. OFF Nov. 24 at 09:45 and ON Nov 26 at 11:50 UTC.
    • Power down for upcoming US EVA on Nov. 30. OFF Nov. 29 at 18:05 UTC. ON Nov. 31 at 10:30 UTC.
    • Supporting USOS scheduled voice contacts, packet and voice repeater ops.