Api search for observations based on norad_cat_id and/or transmitter


I am trying to get observations via the API, by adding filter options like

  • vetted_status=good
  • norad_cat_id=43590


The vetted_status filter worked perfectly but the norad_cat_id and
transmitter doesn’t change the result. Am I doing something wrong
or is this filter simply not supported?


Hi Ansgar,

As we didn’t document the API yet, you have to resort to the source code, see https://gitlab.com/librespacefoundation/satnogs/satnogs-network/blob/dev/network/api/filters.py

The filter option you are searching for is called satellite__norad_cat_id=43590.

See also:

kerel / Fabian

@fredy: How finalized is this API? I did also hit this issue some time ago… (and yes, we shouldn’t modify existing API endpoints without making sure that every user is aware of it).

It’s not finalized at all and also it is not a formal api, that’s the main reason it is not documented, so use it with your own risk. :slight_smile:

Anyway I think that if in the future we are going to do significant changes on this API, probably we are going to create a v2 of it with different url.

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Hi Fabian,

thank you for your helpful and fast answer. Specially directly pointing to the right
file for more information. Source code is the best documentation. :slight_smile:


Wow thanks for the ‘vetted_status’ parameter, i didn’t noticed this one, i 'll add it into my satnogs data downloader :slight_smile: