AO-16 Scheduling/Logging

The AMSAT newsletter mentioned some time ago that AO-16/PACSAT was back in sunlight so I have been casually listening out for it. Today I thought I heard it on about 437.026-ish but I could not record it so I thought I would try and schedule some passes on my SatNOGS station but I can’t see it in the list of available satellites.

Can one of the SatNOGS guru’s tell me if it is available under another name or it it is not available can it be added to the list of available sats so I can schedule some passes.

John - VK4JBE

I am starting to wonder if this pass was in fact Lightsail-2. The frequencies are very close. I have scheduled some passes for Lightsail-2 and see what they show up.

John - VK4JBE

It wasn’t in DB, you can easily check this in the satellites page in DB site by filtering with the NORAD ID.

In such cases feel free to create a new suggestion by visiting the satellites page and, while logged in, hit edit and add new satellite suggestion.

For AO-16 I’ve just added it, now it needs to suggest transmitters for it in order to have something to schedule in Network. Transmitter suggestions can be added in transmitters tab of a satellite by hitting at edit button, while logged in, and suggest new transmitter.

Thanks Freddy,

It looks like Jan PE0SAT has already popped some info in. I have submitted some more info for the Secondary Payload transmitter…which I believe was being used as the main transmitter due to issues with the Primary Payload transmitter.

John - VK4JBE

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Thanks both suggestion have been approved.

Thanks Freddy,

I have scheduled up some passes. In doing so I noticed that I had spelt Payload incorrectly. I have corrected that in the DB so you may just need to approve that.

Meantime I have confirmed in subsequent passes that the signals I saw the other day were from LightSail-2.

Will see if the AO-16 passes throw up anything.

Thanks …John VK4JBE.

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I thought I would be appropriate here to draw your attention to DD3US’s comprehensive collection of satellite sounds: Historical sounds from space
It might give you something to compare your recordings to.

Enjoy. Bent/OZ6BL


Thanks Bent - OZ6L,

I had a little listen to those recording and the signal I heard was the much shorter, almost noise burst, type of sound associated with 9600, probably GMSK.

I have made a few observations on my SatNOGS station over the last few days on the AO-16 frequencies. Nothing heard. We live in hope!!!

Thanks - John VK4JBE

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