Anyone connected Alfaspid Rot2Prog USB to Raspberry PI?

Hi, has anyone successfully connected Alfaspids USB rotor controller Rot2Prog to Raspberry PI and can use it to control a RAS-rotor from SatNOGS software?
//Lars SM0TGU

Hi, yes!

I am using a Rot2Prog, though with a RF Hamdesign SPX-02.

Because the Rot2Prog only runs at 600 baud, I had to add a post_write_delay setting when starting rotctld:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
rotctld -m 901 -r /dev/rotator -s 600 -vvvvv -t 4533 -C az_resolution=2,el_resolution=2,post_write_delay=300

I don’t use satnogs to start the rotctld process, instead i start it from /etc/rc.local using the line:

su - darkside -c "screen -dm -S rotator /home/darkside/"

This lets me look at the log output from rotctld by running: screen -r rotator

Also note that i’m manually specifying the az and el resolution - the SPID protocol reports steps, not degrees. If your rotator has 2 steps per degree, then set the az/el resolution values to 2, if it’s one step per degree, then set them to 1.

Finally, I also run a custom post-observation script which pre-points the rotator ahead of the next pass. You can find out more about why and how I run this here:


Thanks. Then I know it´s possible :slight_smile: