Any loading pass predictions

Hi all,
My new station is ready (271 in testing mode), all is ok but not possible to loading pass predictions for scheduling my first observation : “0 passes found.Open all for scheduling”.
Testing with Windows and Ubuntu, different browsers, same issue.
Testing with other station : all passes predictions loading…

Can you help me.


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You have set your Min Horizon to 270°, what probably is not what you wanted. :slight_smile:

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Hello @F5SNV !

It makes total sense that you are not seeing any passes since your horizon level is set at 270 (!)


By minimum horizon we mean from what degrees elevation (0 to 90) we should display a pass. Any pass that has max_elevation below this value is not displayed. Thus, since it all passes have max_elevation below your 270, no passes are displayed :wink:

UI should be better though. We should explain what this value means and also check for range. I captured this as an issue here: Fix minimum horizon UI and range (#534) · Issues · librespacefoundation / SatNOGS / satnogs-network · GitLab



Thanks for your answers, I’ve set to 15° and I see pass prédictions.
I’ve scheduled my firt observation with ISS later.

Thank you.

Didier F5SNV


Good luck and fingers crossed!

All is ok for my first observation with turnstyle antenna, waterfall and audio ok.
Another step for me is the mount of LNA and testing with better passes.

Thanks for your help.

73’s F5SNV

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Hey there!

I just checked your most recent observations and they look great! You got decoded DUV and AFSK1k2, which is awesome!

By the way you have vetted those two as bad:
Though in reality they are “Good”. (I just changed them to “Good”). You can clearly see the satellite signal in both of them. Check this guide on how to rate observations (and what the ratings mean)


Hello pierros,
I’m very happy and have looking for the explanations.
My station is RPi3+RTLSDR V3+homebrew turnstile antenna centered140MHz.

Greetings from France