Any GS User Using Funcube Dongle Pro Plus Could Help?

Hi there friends,

Would any GS owner help by giving directions on how to set up the satnogs client to work with fcdp+ (funcube dongle pro plus). I mean, would it be possible to give step by step instructions? Mainly my problem is what to insert on SATNOGS_RX_DEVICE and where is it possible to configure gains.

Thanks in advance.

It appears the Funcube Dongle Pro Plus is not natively supported by gr-satnogs as it is not listed in the hardware settings list:

You may be better off using an rtlsdr, which work very well with SatNOGS, especially the v3 versions.

A bit of a shame actually… the FCD++ is quite a capable receiver (performance wise), even with the smaller RX bandwidth compared to the RTLSDR. For pretty much all SatNOGS RX application it would be fine.

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