Any experience with an USRP X300/X310

Hi, I’m still building the ground station and have an USRP X310 which I could use but there is no documentation for SatNOGS. Does anyone use it or have any experience? Or is it kind of an overkill for SatNOGS?

Hey @balu,

I have access to one too. Currently there is “not” support for the X series, but I can add it pretty easily.
It could be an overkill, but it depends on what you want to accomplish.

Which daughterboard do you have?

Thanks for the reply.
Mostly I’d like to have clear results and since I have it I’d like to use it of course. However for now I don’t want to add special features which I need the USRP X310 for, but I might do in the future.
The daughterboard is the UBX-160.

Perfect! I have two of the UBX so I will be able to test it. I opened the issue and I will add the support asap.

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The x3xx series are already supported on the dev branch of gr-satnogs.

You can selected by specifying as SDR device the usrpx3x0 string. We perform some testing on the dev and soon will be merged on master.