Antenna control – always track closest satellite?

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I’m getting started with gpredict, and for my use case, I’m looking into following the satellite closest to my location. Is it possible to automate the antenna control component so that it automatically tracks the satellite closest to my location? I’ve added about 20 satellites to a view.

There is no built-in function to do that, but it is open source application, soeh…

Anyway, are you sure you want to track the “closest” satellite? I can quickly think of scenarios where this would lead to more or less chaotic behavior where tracking jumps back and forth between different satellites.

What gpredict has right now is an autotrack function that will automatically track satellites above the horizon. It will track the satellite until it goes below the horizon, then continues with the next one. The decision is made based on who comes first rather who is closest.

How is this auto track enabled?

You can save the settings made in the Rotator control interface.
After rebooting the Linux system.
auto track enabled
The Target enable the Track button.
The Settings enable Engage button
When the system boots, the initial settings are not saved.
Use for tracking NOAA.

It is not possible to store the settings done in the antenna and radio control dialogues.

Is it possible to have a priority between different satellites?
For example, I am tracking fox1a,fox1b,fox1c and fox1D. I’ll like to always track fox1C when it is visible.
73 Remi N5CNB/F6CNB

That is not possible yet, but I can add it to the TODO list if it is a useful feature.

I’ll be very useful for me as I often track new satellite with a high priority (today as the one which is tracked by gpredict) while I switch manually to the others when I am available. I don’t know for other people

73 Remi N5CNB/F6CNB

You can add a new module with only the satellites of interest added. Maybe that could (nearly) fit your needs for now.

I filed an issue in our tracker:
Let’s someone will have some time to work on it.

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