An observation with central frequency between 1227 and 1232 MHz

Hello everyone, I’m receiving a strange signal with a central frequency of approximately 1230 MHz. Does anyone know a satellite with a downlink frequency of a close value?
Here’s a picture of a spectrogram of the signal. It looks like a radar at first sight:

I hope someone can help us! and thanks for your time!

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What kind of receiver are you using, this could be DC spike of a SDR.


Thank you for responding! The receiver is an antenna array, the frequencies we are capturing are between the 1.2 GHz and 1.8 GHz.
I don’t know much about dc component in signals, but if it was a dc spike of an sdr, wouldn’t that mean that those patterns should be present all the time? because I think this is the first time we see this kind of pattern.

Some confusion, the antenna is in your case an array, but kind of receiver are you using?

And indeed the DC spike will always be there.

Oh yes, about the receiver, it is a heterodyne receiver, with a 1.2 GHz sampling frequency. I don’t really know much more details about how the block diagram works, but I can look up the info in my documents. Thank you for your help!
BTW I have looked up the frequency of some SAR downlink frequencies, and it seems ALOS-2 emmits in the band I am looking, and I have tracked the satellite and it is close to the event time I sent, but I don´t know if anyone knows more about that sat.

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What Brand (manufacturer) and Model is the receiver? Is it an SDR?

And what country are you in? That would help with determining what those frequencies may be used for locally.