An entrepreneurship project for people interested in amateur radio broadcasts

Hi everyone,
I am a senior student in aerospace engineering. I was asked to develop a project as part of the entrepreneurship course. As a project, I am thinking of making a product consisting of “Antenna + Rotator” kit for people interested in amateur radio broadcasts. Because many people interested in amateur radio broadcasts have to produce this system or cannot do it. With this product, people interested in amateur radio broadcasts will have a mobile and simple to install product kit. In addition, it will be possible to change the “antenna” part for different purposes.

Our entrepreneurship lesson asked us to collect the ideas of people who are seen as potential customers within the scope of the project. In this context;

  • What are your opinions about the product?
  • Would you buy this product?

Thanks for your attention, I am waiting for your comments.


The description of the product is too generic, in general sounds interesting but how it will be different from the existing solutions? For example would be open source(software and hardware)?

Missing too many details for answering this question. To give you an example, I’ll make a tv screen would you buy it?

Satellite passes will not be controlled from existing desktop software. Satellite passes will be determined via an online web service instead of desktop software, and the rotator will be connected to the computer via USB and controlled via the web service.

Currently, I do not consider the possibility of software and hardware being open source in my project because the project is a commercial project.

This product will be a ready-made product for amateurs who cannot or do not want to make their own antenna and rotator. Normally, someone who wants to listen to the satellite will take this product disassembled, tighten a few screws and connect it to his computer with USB, then open the web service and easily listen to the frequency.

It will have a mobile use with more.

In this way, amateur radio broadcasting will attract more attention and with its ease of use, everyone will be able to learn a little bit what the satellite passing over it does.

I have to point out that this forum is focused of the development of open-source solutions for space. When we do discuss about proprietary systems we do so under the context of interoperability with open-source technologies. To my understanding this isn’t the case here.

A commercial project may be under open-source licensing. A few months ago, we released a detailed report on the relevancy and the sustainability of open source development models for satellite communications as part of an activity of the European Space Agency, and I would recommend any person interested in this sector, even theoritically to study it.