Amateur Radio Operators Observations?

Hello SatNOGS team and community,

Do any ground station has audio data that observe Amateur Radio Operators (Ham Radio Operators) contacts ? whether FM , SSB , CW or any kind of communications ?

for example, i did not find any audio data uploaded within Ground stations databases that record Amateur Operators of the ISS , SO-50 , EshailSat II , or any satellite that supports Amateur Radio communications.

If any Audio Data has been recorded of Amateur Radio by any of your stations please share them here if possible

Thank you and best regards

There are several, check and try to filter with the satellite. Unfortunately currently we don’t support filtering by modulation or transmitter so in some cases like ISS you will have to dig to find the observations you want. In some cases like ARISS Contact events you have the date and the time so you can also filter with these details.

EDIT: about EshailSat II there are no observations as SatNOGS currently doesn’t support observations of geostationary satellites.

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Hello, here’s Amateur Radio operators using (chasing) the ISS Repeater to make contacts. You can check the ISS Repeater status and it will tell you when the Repeater aboard will be operational, that’s best to schedule observations.


Thanks @fredy :+1: , i hope in future there will be filtering by modulation or transmitter

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Thanks @vi3wroy4l , i will look into the ISS events and ISS Repeater status to listen to Amateur Satellites operations :+1:

There is already an issue for it to track it.

I forgot to mention that in the API endpoint you can filter with modulation and transmitter UUID.

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Hopefully you have been able to catch some of the ISS Repeater action, begun September 13th.