All of my observations are failing

I am trying to put my 2m station back in service. This station uses an RTL-SDR and a two element turnstyle antenna. It very successfully decoded a year or two ago before I rearranged some things around here. I followed the instructions to flash the SD card and configure the parameters with satnogs-setup. Attached is a screenshot of some console messages and I have others available. Can anyone suggest how I can get this working properly? Thanks in advance.

I just tried again to schedule an observation and the attached error message resulted: “No waterfall data file found”. How do I fix that?

The unbound message is an indication of no network connection.

Can you share the output off the following command:

sudo satnog-setup → Advanced → Support and share the output of the support information.

Here is the output of the Support command:

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It looks like I am reaching the internet (I’m connected via Ethernet):

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Hi @kc4le-2m,

The satnogs_soapy_rx_setting should be:


So drop the - that you have in there now and see if that helps


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WoW! I usually pride myself on DETAILS like this. I have scheduled a few observations to see if that ONE character corrects the problem. I will respond to confirm.
And THANKS to satcolintel5 - I bet that tweak works…

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I am still getting some questionable results. The observation shown in the attached photo was apparently auto-vetted, but there is no signal evident in the waterfall.

The console messages are now looking much more normal, although I can interpret very little of it. In the attached photo, I notice the message “UnboundLocalError: local variable “response” referenced before assignment”. I was also getting that error before I corrected the satnogs_soapy_rx_setting. I wonder if that is an error in the code or in my configuration?

I looked up your observation and I think you have not set the gain.

Can you set the gain to a value, like 49.6.

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AHHH! I set the gain figure. I will schedule some observations and see what we get - I will post the results here.
Thank you, EelkeVisser

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Looks like the Gain setting did the trick! Thanks to all for the support.