All dB downloads for nSight-1


After some time it is possible to download all the dB data from nSight-1. Don’t know what you guys fixed but thanks. Monthly and weekly was working just fine.


@cshields hacked a way around some issues! Now it is also possible to visit the DB entries for CAS-4A/B again!
Great work and really important, thanks for that!


Thanks you guys are just the best. Mike (DK3WN) makes it possible to upload this into his decoding program so I can analyse all the data. This one’s altitude variations amazes me as most of the other QB50 sats have or will burn up this year and this one will go on tlll >2020


Please feel free to request editor-access to! Any help with this would be really appreciated. If you have any documents on how to decode the frames I would generate a decoder so you could use the data in SatNOGS Dashboards!


Even better, you want to put @DK3WN out of his work :rofl: I will have a look for sure! Thanks


No way! I’m recently in contact with Mike, exchanging some experiences :wink:


Maybe drop him a coffee via Paypal for all that hard work and you will be rewarded as well!