Alaska - adding a satnogs station

I’ve reached out to University of Alaska Fairbanks to see who to speak with regarding the possibility of setting up a SatNOGS ground station there. There is currently zero coverage in that entire high-latitude region.

rtl-sdr and a US$50 yagi in a fixed position on a rooftop would be an easy start. I’'m willing to donate some equipment and have it shipped there or consult with UA faculty/staff/students to engage them in adding a low-cost downlink ground station.

If I have over-stepped my bounds as a SatNOGS community member, please let me know.



Why a Yagi?

Yes it’s high latitude, and yes lower-inclination sats are going to be mainly in one direction… but a lot of what we’re looking at is sun-synchronous, or near polar.

Something like a turnstile, or multiple turnstiles (the stanislav palo designs are good) would probably be better.

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Thank you for reaching out to them! Regarding station costs, LSF is always open for community requests about (partially or fully) cover the cost for locations that are currently uncovered. Feel free to reach out !