AirSpy R2 + RPi 3B+ USB disconnecting

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding AirSpy R2 SDR usage on SatNOGS station with Raspberry Pi 3B+. I’m operating station SatNOGS Network - Ground Station VZLU-PRG and wanted to use AirSpy R2 as the SDR, however, it seems that quite frequently, a couple of minutes into a pass (usually around 2 - 3 minutes), the AirSpy disconnects from the Raspberry. This can be seen from the output of dmesg. A couple of seconds later, it reconnects but the observation is lost at that point, since no data is uploaded to the DB.

When using GQRX, the same thing can be observed. Has anyone seen this sort of behavior before? Switching to an RTL-SDR fixes the issue, but I’d rather use the AirSpy.

Thanks for any hints!

In case anyone ever needs this - turns out this was most likely due to power issues from the RPi not being able to supply enough power to the USB.

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