Airspy Mini Bias-T?

How do you enable the bias-T for Airspy Mini? I’m using SATNOGS_RX_DEVICE as airspymini but it seems to ignore the bias=1 option for SATNOGS_DEV_ARGS. What am I doing wrong?

hmm… try ‘airspy,bias=1’ in your dev args. I’m not 100% sure on that, but I also think bias=1 should have worked.

I did try this as well and it didn’t seem to do anything.

Assuming you’ve entered everything correctly and you are familiar with Bias-Tees and how to determine whether they provide power or not, using airspy=0,bias=1 was suggested here, so maybe try that as well.

A little more info as to what you’re trying to power might help. The Airspy Mini has a 4.5v software switchable Bias-Tee, which is insufficient for most LNAs (assuming that’s what you’re looking to power). This may be the reason you don’t see any change in the characteristics of your signal (assuming you’re trying to power an LNA).

Thanks, I will give that a try later today when I’m back near the keyboard and can VPN home (I’m up in the snow skiing today).

The LNA is the RTL-SDR blog wideband.

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