Advice on what im getting


Im running a rasp pi 2 out of Portugal. Only see two stations, thats counting with me.Want to contribute. V-pole antenna, thats what i got,R820T2 dongle from RTL-SDR.comV3 version. Is there any usable info from this. This is the average image i get for cw and AFSK1k2. Noob i know.


I’m also new. I can see the CW line straight down the middle. Everything else is not a signal of interest. I normally can hear faint CW audio on my set-up, VHF QFH with LNA. with a signal like that. I may have a little more gain (20db) than you. I could not hear any CW on your signal. I would vet that as bad but some would vet it as good as the CW is clearly seen on the waterfall. I understand your dilemma and mine. All I can say for sure it is not a failed observation.
73 Bob vk2byf


It should be vetted as good!