Adding UHF to my ground station


I’m planning to add UHF to my ground station, reading the forums it’s not obvious for me whether I should continue using a single RTL-SDR with both antennas being fed thru a diplexer or to add a 2nd RLT-SDR so each dongle would have their own antennas.

For the first the setup ask to contact the SatNOGS team (and the link directs to here) and for the second it’s not clear how to configure the client to work with two dongles instead of one

SatNOGS client works with one SDR. So depending on what you are trying to achieve you can have these setups:

  1. One client, one sdr, one diplexer, two antennas(or other way to switch between the antennas) => one station in network with two antennas. This solution is the most usual, the downside is that you can not schedule a UHF and a VHF observation at the same time.

  2. Two clients, two sdr, two antennas => two stations in network each with one antenna. With this solution you can have observations at the same time, however if you use one computer for the clients, you should make sure that the computer has the power (cpu and memory) to support two observations at the same time, for example rpi can not. Also if clients are on the same computer you should configure them to use the right devices and ports in advanced settings to avoid collisions.

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Thank you, it seems option 1 is the most reasonable unless I do allocated a 2nd RBPI to the job.

73 de Pedro, LU7DID