Adaptive antenna

i am newcomer and wondring why there is no adaptive array antenna or smart antenna.
is there a reason for that or there is one but i mised it

You mean like beam forming? I think its mostly because at the frequencies (144Mhz and 440Mhz) most stations are at an array would be huge (compared to a stationary antenna or rotator.) , let alone the expense / complication of setting up computer controllable phase shifting for such a system to steer the beam.

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To get an idea of full 4x4 beam-steering array on 435 MHz


Pieter Ibelings’s designs are really neat when it comes to beam forming antennas.


is there a GS works with this antenna
and what is the difficulties to get this array online

As far as I know it is still a proof of concept.

Size is in this case a challenge

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