Activate BIAS-T and Decoding Meteor M and NOAA

Hello friends:
At this moment i am using a Raspberry PI with RTL-SDR.
I use some scripts to automatically receive and decode NOAA and Meteor sats.
I use a RTL-SDR.Com V3 Dongle + LNA + BPF + QFH Antenna.
I use BIAS-T included in my RTL-SDR Dongle to power my LNA.
I activate BIAS-T using rtl_biast utility with rtl_biast -b 1 i power it on and -b 0 i power off.
I want contribute to SATNOGS but also i want continue decoding NOAA and Meteor.
Can i participate in SATNOGS and continue decoding NOAA and Meteor?
And… can i modify SATNOGS Client to activate my BIAS-T?
A lot of thank’s

You can turn on/off bias-T by utilizing PRE and POST_OBSERVATION_SCRIPT variables available in SATNOGS configuration.
Depending on the nature of your NOAA/Meteor scripts you can use the same variables to activate/deactivate them.
This way your script will be running unless there is a SATNOGS observation in progress.
Nonetheless, SATNOGS can decode NOAA images.

Reasons why this doesn’t currently work, see reply here: