Accessing the SatNOGS dashboards database

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Is there any way (e.g. public API) to access the database that powers the Graphana dashboards? We would like to use it for Polaris (to apply machine learning). We can also decode the raw data by ourselves, but since there’s already an InfluxDB with that data, having direct access would avoid code duplication.


Hello @crespum, technically it is possible to do it, but since this will be a first for this level of our data (decoded ones) we need to think this carefully from a technical standpoint (update rates, limits etc). From a license perspective this would be under CC-BY-NC I presume (but need to confirm this with our board, more on that later this week).

Most importantly, can you please point to any documentation and roadmap around the project (besides the issue for GSOC? Thanks!


Thanks Pierros, we are still working on improving the docs because at the moment it’s a bit of a mess. The diagram at the end is roughly the architecture we have in mind. As you can see, there are three different commands and we only need access to the database for the first one (polaris-fetch). In the future we could move the data to a different database to reduce the load on LSF servers.

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Actually you can access data trought the satnogs API. Here is my repo where you can find how to do it and if you want you can also use my program to do it (if you add a module to handle the transfert to Polaris) :

At this moment the modules are launched after each download synchronously, i’m currently working to make it asynchronously, but it’s not ready yet.

Actually, i just remember that saintaardvark from Polaris already used it.

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Thanks @deckbsd, we did use it. However I don’t see how you can access the decoded telemetry because, if I’m not mistaken, it’s in a separate database. I think from Glouton you could only download the decoded payload.

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Polaris will deal with decoded data (no direct proper API for it yet).
Glouton is using our demodulated data API (from cause db does not have a consolidated API for that either).

decoded <> demodulated :wink:


Oh yes, my mistake :confused: sorry

Any update about this @pierros?