Accessibility feature request (tiny tweak)

Hi there

I’ve finally got the radios together to build a portable Amsat station - after many years with just an FT-817, I got an IC-705 so duplex is at last possible on the linear sats. Gpredict looks perfect to handle pass predictions and Doppler with a portable Pi…

However, I’m visually impaired. I can read screens and text fairly well if I get the colour/contrast right, and I have some screen modifying tools to do this if I can’t do it in the app I’m using. With gpredict, they don’t work too well - if I get the text in the main lower screen legible, the map is no good and vice versa.

Is there any chance for an option to have white text on a black background? I think that would literally be the only thing needed to make Gpredict usable.

(Dark modes are often a matter of taste, but for some of us they’re actually the only thing that lets us in! And there are quite a few of us…)

Many thanks for entertaining this idea.



Hello @rupert-gm6hvy,

As someone who (luckily) does not have a visual impairment I use dark mode on all my machines. As a result I’m able to see white text on a black background in GPredict. I use POP_OS which is based on Ubuntu and it has a dark mode by default. (You can find all the information about POP_OS on their website)

I’ve put a screenshot here of this (


I hope this image helps. I can upload a larger resolution image if you need.

What operating system are you using? Would it make GPredict accessible if you could enable dark mode throughout your system, not just GPredict?

Just a thought.


I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 with 20.04 in a VM but haven’t done the move yet.

Yes, a good dark mode in the OS would be great for all sorts of things. But I don’t want to move OS - I’m already running three on a regular basis for work reasons, and experience is that when I move, things break, especially all the accessibility stuff I use which tends to be very fragile, hence me being quite slow in moving across to 20.04. But I’ll run up Pop when I get the chance.


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100% understand. You can enable dark mode in Ubuntu 18.04 -

I wasn’t suggesting you switch, or even try Pop OS, just that dark mode might be useful.


Ah, OK! I had no idea dark mode was in 18.04 - I’ve enabled it, and it looks very useful. Thanks.

I now realise that I can’t see the path display to the left of the text in Gpredict- I guess only a proper dark mode will work, although I think it’s now usable enough for me to carry on trying to configure the station, at least experimentally.

I did run Pop! up in a VM last night, just out of curiosity. I like a lot of it and I can see how it would be a good fit for a lot of creatives. Lost points with me when I went to set large text and cursors - no accessibility menu? Huh? Turned out I had to text search for it in the setting tool, and then select the ‘Always show Accessibility menu’ slider. I do not understand why anyone would hide - of all things - the Accessibility menu! But this is not the place fo that :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the dark mode help, and once I’ve found my FT-817 data lead I’m going to carry on Gpredicting.


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Hi Rupert,

I’m glad you got to the point where it is usable for you. Accessibility and usability are of great importance to me when designing software, although I am definitely no expert in the area. The look and feel in Gpredict will follow the desktop settings, except the graphical views such as the polar plot. I will fix that later, until then you can customize the colors under settings.


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