Access to create dashboards

Dear All,

I need access to create dashboards. Could anyone please guide me on how to do this?

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Hey @shabs,

Do you have a specific dashboard you want to create? I mean for a specific satellite?

Are you part of a satellite or research team? I’m asking as usually we create a team in grafana to handle easier all the permissions for the whole team.

Hi @fredy ,

Thank you very much for the reply.
There is not a specific dashboard I want to create or any specific satellite. I just want to participate in discussions and practise my telemetry and graphs analysis skills with telemetry dashboards.

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@shabs have you need to login at least once in the dashboards site in order to give editor permissions.

Please do and let me know.

Hi @fredy ,

Thanks for your reply. I signed in. But I don’t currently have any available features to create new dashboards.

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@shabs you should be able to create dashboards now in the scratchpad category. You can also copy an existing dashboard if you want.

Keep us updated with the work you are going to do in the dashboards :wink:

Hi @fredy . Thank you very much!
I am new to working with grafana, so just a question before I start. Where can I learn the creation of dashboards on satnogs - in terms of how to choose the subsystem and instrument I want to analyze, what source of data I have to choose to get the data to my dashboard and so on?

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I also want to create a dashboard.
I created an account and logged in, but it is set to “Viewer.”

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@shabs I think the best way to start is to explore the dashboards that are available in the scratchpad category, as editor you can check how each panel is build. In order to avoid messing up any of these dashboard, you can create a copy, name it properly, like “shabs experiments” and experiment. If I’m not mistaken you can also copy individual panels from each dashboard.

Have in mind that there isn’t a common ground on the nature of data that are decoded from the satellites, and no common naming in most cases. Currently in order to find the available fields of each satellite you can take a look either directly in its katai structure in satnogs-decoders repository or in its entry in SatNOGS DB site in the data tab in the decoder section. For better understanding you may also need to search for documentation of the telemetry for each satellite, usually in the satellite team’s page.

@moonsik you should now have access to the scratchpad category, to edit/copy/create dashboards.

@fredy Thank you very much!

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Hello @fredy , would it be possible to have access to the scratchpad ?
I would like to develop a Dashboard for RANDEV.

Thank you.

Hi @mikael,

I can give you access to scratchpad, however there is an issue with RANDEV.

RANDEV satellite is using the radio amateur spectrum without IARU coordinated frequency.

IARU coordination is necessary in order to get the best out of the limited radio frequency band that is given to the radio amateur missions.

IARU also verifies during the coordination process that the missions are radio amateur ones, in other words verifies that missions have value for radio amateurs and follow the radio amateur rules and regulations.

Given the above, as community and as SatNOGS (LSF) project, in order to pressure satellite teams to coordinate their missions frequencies, among other measures, we don’t support dashboards for missions that haven’t been coordinated.

Anyway, let me know if you still want me to give you the permissions for contributing in other satellites’ dashboards.

Hello @fredy ,

Yes, we apologize, we learned the existence of IARU after the launch.
The local regulator’s satellite office was barely being created and they were learning with us.
This is why 3 out of 4 satellites of the same batch were flagged for frequency missuses.
Hopefully, this should be fixed already.
On our side, we will do our best to do things right next time.

I personally wanted to contribute back to satnogs as I like the initiative and the network very helpful to follow the satellite right after the launch, by making a public dashboard.

I am still interested in learning to do dashboards, and still would like to publish a dashboard for the next satellites.



I see, from my side I’ve informed the LSF core team about it, if there is any update I let you know.

I don’t know what’s the status, I suggest you contact and inform IARU for RANDEV mission giving any details they need, even if it is impossible to change/coordinate the frequency while the satellite is in orbit.

I’ve given you the edit permissions in scratchpad, if something change for RANDEV and for future missions.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what’s the status, I suggest you contact and inform IARU for RANDEV mission giving any details they need, even if it is impossible to change/coordinate the frequency while the satellite is in orbit.

They seem to only approve this before launch. I will contact them just in case they are fine with it.

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Mikael, You contacted IARU yesterday. Didn’t you receive my answer?

Yes, this was me.
This message was written yesterday but stayed as a draft and was sent today.
I am answering your second email right now.