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Hi! I am from Nepal. Currently, our group is working on the project of satellite tracking project for Rakesh Chandra Prajapati. We are having problem in gpredict. Gpredict installed in two different computer is showing different postion of same satellite in different computer. We uninstalled and installed the gpredit again. We also updated the tle from the network but the problem remains same. What might be the possible solution for this problem?

Let me ask a few, very basic, questions. Gpredict is written for Linux, your computers are both running Linux? The only reason that you would show different positions is that your TLEs are not the same for both computers. You updated TLEs (this is what we expect that you would have done) for both?

I am not sure why the two computers would show different positions but you could schedule to listen to a few satellites and see which one is more accurate. That really should not be necessary but it would tell you which is correct.

There could be a difference in time especially if one of the computers is a windows computer, they sometimes lock onto UTC instead of local time depending on where you get the time from.

I was looking at gpredict on github, and it seems there is a sun terminator feature. But i cannot find a way to enable it. Is the feature implemented yet?

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