+5 volts on PCB not obtained

Hi there,
I am using the SatNOGS Rotator Controller v2. On VIN pad I have injected 13.8 volts for testing the PSU.
All is fine, I have obtained 11.96 volts regulated. This part works fine.
BUT… I have not obtained +5 anywhere on the circuit. I have tested with and without arduino pro mini and pololu drivers.
With these components I got +0.96v and without I got 0v.
I have studied the electric schema but I do not understand how the +5 volts is obtained.
Can someone help me please ?
regards 73s

Ok, so I have understand. The +5v is coming from the arduino pro mini (I am not familiar with it).
Unfortunatly, my arduino’s chineses copies are not compliants.
Theirs regulators don’t support 12volts input on the raw pin.
On another way, these chineses bugs works perfectly until you apply a tension on the raw pin. I will use them for another project.
By the way, regulators are stamped S8PL, so be careful if you have copies with those regulators.

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Did you have some odd behaviour with the motors? I am beginning to think that this may be an issue with my setup. What are the symptoms?

I am not at this step for instance. Just beggining