435 MHz turnstile antenna?


I’m looking for construction plans of a successfuly build and tested 435 MHz turnstile antenna.


73 de DE8MSH

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Not quite a tunstile, but has good performance…

73 de John K2ZA

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Hey John.

Thank you. I’ll give it a try soon.

Hey nice ppl.

I’ll give this antenna a try tonight. It works on local repeaters and WX balloon band. So I hope it works on 70cm ham radio satellites band, too.

Uhm. There seems to be a dumb error in my build. I turned elements to 60°(?) instead of 30°.

Or am I mistaken?

The text out of this paper: http://www.qsl.net/py4zbz/DCA.pdf

Each of the four dipole supports is tilted 30° from vertical.

Does it mean this:


or this



I choosed the 60° option?! Am I wrong here?

This paper says: https://www.amsat.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/70ParaLindy.pdf

The parasitic elements are canted at 30 degrees from horizontal and positioned equally around
the center driven dipole at a spacing of 0.15 wavelengths.

30° from vertical or 30° from horizontal?

Hmmmm… I am confused now…

So to me, those two papers look like they’re describing two different designs. The first one (from qsl.net) looks like this image (the one you linked as 30 degrees); the second one (the Parasitic Lindy from amsat.org) looks like your second image (30 degrees).

One thing I’m having trouble figuring out is whether there’s any difference in wiring between those two designs, as I can’t track down a diagram for the parasitic Lindy. (That’s after just a few minutes’ searching, though, and I haven’t had my coffee yet. :slight_smile:)

I’d say give it a try and see how it works on satellites, since you’ve had good luck with your repeater. For double fun, you could try adjusting the angle and see how it affects things. (I love volunteering other people for work…)

[EDIT: Just found a thread on the Amsat-BB mailing list about this very question!]



I’m not very pleased with the results. This is what is looks like in local ham radio repeater band:

I think its ok.

Now the results on ham radio satellite band:

SatNOGS Network - Observation 105214 :frowning:
SatNOGS Network - Observation 105213 :frowning:
SatNOGS Network - Observation 105212 :frowning:

This is not good!!! :confused:

Hi, this is my simple and cheap realization:



@IZ7BOJ Your explanation and pics are great. This will be my first DIY antenna. Thanks!