3D printable case for tracking box

As I am not sure what is the exact limitation for printing a big watertight box in parts, I tried after a suggestion of @nallath to design a box that is printable on a normal 200mmx200mm 3D printer:

There are four parts for the bottom and four for the top. All parts are overlapping for easy glueing.
Let me know if it works or what you think should be changed in the design.

The stl-files can be found under: youmagine

… and yes the three d32mm holes are there on purpose and do not help with the water …

I’ve printed the first part, but it will take some time to print all of them. So far it looks pretty good.

Nice! It’s easy to post some pics?

hmm picture upload does not work on my iPad …

Wow! Is this 3D printed? It certainly does not look like it :smile:
I am interested in the structural rigidity of the end result. A big piece of the current box is the single-piece rigidity that it offers to the overall assembly. Do you think we may be able to achieve the same thing using 3D printed parts?

If you glue ABS with acetone and print it with 100% infill, I think it will be stronger, as the walls are 5-10mm solid ABS.

This is PLA printed with a ultimaker 2. I’ve printed it at the fastest settings layer wise (the layer thickness is 0.2). It can do better than this :smile:
The only problem is that the prints take quite a bit of time to complete and are almost impossible without heated bed, due to warping (even with PLA, the bottom will warp a lot). So you would be hard pressed to print this with a vanilla ultimaker original.

It does feel pretty solid. Im not able to break it with my hands (Yes, I’ ve tried ;)). PLA by nature won’t stand impacts very well and it’s not water tight without treatment. All in all, i’m pretty confident this should work. I will try to print another few parts to see how sturdy it is when i glue them together.

Thanks for the clarification and the pointers @nallath ! Keep the info coming, and let us know how this goes :slight_smile:

Hello. Last 2 days, myself and @azisi, inspired from this tread, we are designing a new 3d printable box. We design it from scratch and not coping existing ABB box. We made it smaller so the RF electronics will be in an other, shielded, box. For this reason now the internals are not symmetric, azimuth axis now on the left. I ll attach a sketch presenting what we have in mind. The box will be closing, frond and back using two sheets of Plexiglas like material and an o-ring. The smaller dimensions we manage to achieve are 240x250x110mm. This is printable as one piece in some 3D printers. If you want to try or have suggestions the source and the stl files are in our reppo under the “3d_printable_case” branch. We try to print it in our printer by cutting it into pieces. We will come up with more pics soon. Because I am sure I forgot to tell something I 'll reply again later :stuck_out_tongue: We are waiting your comments. (if someone has a 3d printer with bigger print volume and have time, patience, material and want to give it a try we will be thankful)

Very nice! Once I’ve completed PA7T’s box, i will try to print yours. I’ve only got one piece left to go.

The printed box!

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WOW! Thanks a lot nallath for trying this :slight_smile: We now need to know how it works assembled!

Also when (and if) you can it would be great to give a chance on the new design. Once again thanks for being part of our R&D efforts towards a better solution!

I still need to print the lid of this one. But most of the credit goes to @DL2ZZ for making the models. I just turned a 3D printer on :wink:

awsome! looking forward to the closed box :slight_smile: